Want To Stop Smoking? Try Vape Pens!

Vaping In The Bathtub

Twelve years ago, I started smoking. At first I didn’t really get what the hype was about, but I noticed that during times when I went without smoking, my body would feel weak and I would crave a stick as much as I would a bowl of ice cream (which, by the way, is my favorite food). Family members begin to drop not-so-subtle hints that it’s a nasty habit and I should stop it, but that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, I was able to finally stop the habit after three years.

Unfortunately, my beloved husband didn’t join me, so he continued smoking all these years. Over time, he became those chain-smoking types who would light up cigarette after cigarette. We would have dinner, and the next thing I knew he was outside the house with a stick, while I was getting ready to serve dessert.

As I was steadily trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising, he was still stuck with smoking. And as much as he wanted to give the habit up, the process has never been easy. We have tried everything to help him stop – nicotine patches, herbal cigarettes, candies and whatever else that was proven to work, but it never did. Luckily, I came across a website about vape pens while surfing online.

Vaping is the process of inhaling water vapor into your lungs, instead of harmful cigarette smoke. They are said to be much safer than smoking cigarettes as there are no chemicals to burn. This way, you still get your nicotine fix without the nasty side effects brought about by the burning of tobacco. This is done with the use of an vape pen, which is a kind of electric cigarette. It is basically a cigarette that runs on rechargeable batteries, but it does not burn any tobacco – instead, it heats and turns the oils or water into vapor for you to inhale. Users have also reported the following benefits since they have switched from smoking to vaping, and I completely attest to this:

  • No lingering smells that may cling to your body, hair, clothes, house and car. While John smokes outside the house, there’s always that stinky cigarette smell that fills the whole car or the house, especially during warm days.
  • No need to go out of any establishments in order to get that smoking fix as it can be done anywhere. Some even report vaping inside a movie theater, and nobody complained. John vapes in the living room now, which he loves because he always hated having to go outside the house to smoke, especially during winter.
  • No more worries about secondhand smoke. Because it’s all vapor, I don’t have to worry about breathing second hand smoke anymore
  • We get to save a lot of money. While vape pens are generally expensive during the initial purchase, it’s a one time investment that only requires refills over time. There’s no more need to buy boxes of cigarettes and lighters (which we always lose).
  • It’s a great way to stop smoking. Instead of going through a full cigarette every time he wanted to smoke, all he had to do was pull out his vape pen and take three or four puffs. He’s using oils with nicotine content, but we’re slowly moving towards the nicotine-free ones until he completely comes off the habit.

The battle against smoking is never an easy one, but with the right tools and resources, you can definitely overcome it. For now, we’re focusing more on getting him off the actual sticks, and lowering his consumption, before finally quitting. Vape pens allow him to continue his habit without the extra health hazards. He reports that the sensation and the tastes are the same. and that it is a great start to help him stop smoking, which we hope to accomplish before the year ends.