About Me


Hi, I’m Susan and welcome to my blog!

With its stunning beauty, the dahlia is a wonderful addition to any garden or flower arrangement. Also known as the Queen of the Autumn Garden, it comes in a diverse range of sizes, colors and sizes. It also blooms for a long period of time, surpassing other garden flowers. Stunning and beautiful, I have always preferred an arrangement of dahlias over roses at any given time.

This brings us to the Dahlia Farm website which may be surprising, as it is not about a farm of dahlias at all!

This site, however, is a personal repository of everything related to fitness, health and beauty, mostly from personal and first hand experience. Here, I will chronicle my (oftentimes); natural and simple approach to better health and beauty. I talk about a variety of issues, ranging from skin care to weight loss to health supplements, tackling one issue at a time as they go along.

I continuously update my blog with content which I will share with you, my gorgeous readers, in the hopes that we all bloom like the dahlia.

Diverse and different but beautiful, all the same.

Of course, I would love to hear from you as well. Feel free to get in touch with me here or by commenting on the posts. Have fun!

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